Smoked salmon tartar with loosely chopped vegetables, toast

1300 HUF

A plate of
- 3 types of tapas
- 5 types of tapas
- 7 types of tapas

smoked ham
home made spread of welt
goat cheese balls in green sp.
baked tomato spread
eggplant spread
caperberries with anchovy
feta cheese with olives

1650 HUF
2500 HUF
3350 HUF


iF salad
- with chicken,
- smoked salmon,
- or vegetarian

1990 HUF
2200 HUF
1800 HUF

Arugula and duck breast salad (arugula, balsamic vinegar dressing, slices of stewed pear, slices of duck breast)

2290 HUF

Goat cheese salad (mixed salad base, balsamic vinegar dressing, vegetables, roasted seeds)

2290 HUF


Alföld style goulash soup

1550 HUF

Spinach soup with salmon greaves or parmiggiano

1190 HUF


Pork clod confit in honey-chili dip, with vegetable strudel

2580 HUF

Rose duck breast with sweet potato puree and black-currant ragout

3450 HUF

Pork mediallions in garlic with spinach-prosciutto crudo gnocchi and blue cheese dip

2950 HUF

Hungarian rump steak with lecho and roasted potatoes

3650 HUF

Home made lecho with egg or sausage

1650 HUF
1950 HUF

Chicken breast grilled with butterstewed vegetables

2580 HUF

Four cheese gnocchi

2300 HUF

Spagetti alla carbonara

2650 HUF

Grilled goat cheese with sweet potatoes and vegetable strudel

2650 HUF

Camembert grilled in sesame with jasmine rice, pear grilled in walnut and black-current ragout

2250 HUF

Salmon fried on skin, with butter potatoes and boiled asparagus and sauce hollandaise

3950 HUF

iF plate fortwo: Pork clod confit and rose duck breast with lecho, roasted potatoes and jasmine rice

5950 HUF

T-bone steak with dijon mustard dressing and grilled vegetables

7500 HUF


Triple chocolate mousse

950 HUF

Pancake filled with ice-cream, hot fruit ragout

950 HUF

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